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Here is the detailed explanation that how you can use your Affiliate Dashboard.

Register as an Affiliate
View your Dashboard

Register as an Affiliate:

First, go to your Affiliate Registration page and Fillup the details of your then register as an Affiliate.

After your successful registration, you will get an Email. Then you go to your Affiliate dashboard and there you can see your Dashboard. Here you can track your all Commission Rate, Total Earning, Total Paid, Total Refund, Balance, Visits & Conversion Rate. 

Your Dashboard Contains Five (5) sections. 


Now we will talk about the Commissions Section.

Here you can see you all commission list with ID, Date, Status, Product, rate, and Commission amount.


This section represents your affiliate link visitor click count and details.

Here you can track your Visitors affiliate link clicking Date, Status, Link, Origin, and Origin Base details.


In this section, you can track down your all payment from our Website with a detailed report. This section contains Payment ID, Status, Amount, Created at, Completed at, and Invoice.

Generate Links

In this section, you can find and create your own affiliate link. As a default, our affiliate system provides you a unique link which you can see as “Your Referral URL”.

Also, you can create your custom affiliate URL by adding your website or your marketing platform page URL. Type your Page URL on the above Page URL box and click the Generate button. You will now get your custom Affiliate URL you can copy that and use that according to your need. 


This section contains your personal affiliate profile details. You can add or edit Your Name, Paypal Payment Email, Your Promote Platform Name, and notify alert. After the edit, your details click Submit to save the details.


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