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Choose our course to begin your career as a nail technician if:

You are a creative person

You are patient with people

You enjoy talking to new people

You have a excellent eye for detail

You are open to learning new ideas and techniques

The course is designed for those who have no experience but are passionate to learn the skills of professional nail technicians.

Have no previous training or experience

Have limited time to study

Have difficulties to attend in person classes

Can’t pay upfront to fund your new career

Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time as we currently have a 50% off sale on our Level 3 Acrylic Nail Extension Course. Enrol now for only £99 or choose to pay in 6 weekly installments with Laybuy for just £16.50 per week.

Our current academy graduates earn anywhere between £300 – £1000 per week on average.

Our IICT & BIA accredited Acrylic Nail Extensions Course is the perfect option to become a certified professional nail technician. Working at your own pace you can study from home. This in-depth course will teach you all you need to know to produce stunning sets of false nails that look amazing. This in-depth course will give you Two Qualifications In One.

Level 2 Manicure & Pedicure (FREE)

Level 3 Acrylic Nails Extensions

Our Acrylic Nails Extension course teaches you how to create professional Acrylic nails extensions using tips. Once you book your place you will receive a booking confirmation containing your online account details so you can start the course straight away. 

This will enable you to start learning the theory & practical at your own pace. We have a high success rate for students, so rest assured that we will provide you with all the support you need to pass your diploma.

By the end of this course you will have learned

The techniques to perform a luxury Manicure & Pedicure

The techniques used to create stunning sets of acrylic nails

How to use the correct products, tools and techniques to satisfy the client and provide them with aftercare advice.

Top Features:

  • Easy To  Follow Online Step By Step Video Tutorials
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access To Online Learning Portal
  • Downloadable PDF Training Manual For Reference
  • Online Theory Assessment
  • 5 x Practical Assessments Submitted Online
  • Internationally Recognised Accredited Certificate
  • Online Tutor Assistance Available Via Email

What subjects are covered in this course?






Skill Level

10 Hr +




FREE Level 2 Manicure & Pedicure Course

You are actually getting two courses in one as we include your manicure & pedicure training for FREE as standard allowing you to move on to more advanced nail techniques quickly with all the knowledge you need.

CHAPTER 1: Manicuring And Pedicuring As A Career 
  • The Manicurist: Demands Of The Profession
  • Professional Ethics 
  • Posture 
CHAPTER 2: Anatomy And Physiology In Relation To Nail Treatments 
  • Why Anatomy And Physiology Are Important Knowledge For Technicians 
  • The Structures And Functions Of The Skin 
  • An Understanding Of The Skin As An Organ And Its Relevance In All Nail Treatments 
  • The Basic Structure And Functions Of The Cardiovascular System 
  • The Basic Structure And Functions Of The Lymphatic System 
  • The Basic Structure And Functions Of The Skeletal System 
  • The Basic Structure And Functions Of The Muscular System 
  • The Basic Structure And Functions Of The Nervous System Some Common Conditions Relating To Each Of The Body Systems 
  • The Nail Unit In Depth 
CHAPTER 3: Preparing The Work Area 
  • The Equipment And Furniture Required By A Nail Technician 
  • How To Create A Comfortable And Safe Working Environment 
  • How To Work With Potentially Hazardous Chemicals How To Protect Yourself  
  • Your Clients And Colleagues Hygiene Procedures 
  • The Legislation Affecting Technicians And Salons The Information And Correct Usage Of All Tools And Equipment 
  • Pricing Treatments And Services 
CHAPTER 4: Preparing You & Your Client 
  • How To Prepare A Safe Working Environment For You And Your Client 
  • How To Recognise The Skin And Nail Conditions That Could Restrict Treatments 
  • How To Recognise The Skin And Nail Conditions That Could Prevent Treatment 
  • The Importance Of A Good Client Consultation 
  • How To Provide Suitable Treatment Advice? 
  • What After Care Advice Should Be Given? 
CHAPTER 5: Providing A Manicure Treatment 
  • What A Manicure Is 
  • All The Techniques Used In A Treatment And Their Purpose 
  • Painting Techniques 
  • The Purpose Of Products Used Additional Treatments, Their Procedure And Purpose Various Treatment Alternatives And Their Timings 
  • After Care Advice 
  • Essentials For Manicuring: A Checklist 
  • Manicure Sequence: A Checklist 
  • Tidying The Manicure Station 
  • Home Care For Nails And Hands 
CHAPTER 6: Providing A Pedicure Treatment 
  • What A Pedicure Is 
  • All The Techniques Used In A Treatment And Their Purposes 
  • The Purposes Of The Products Being Used 
  • Additional Treatments, Their Procedure And Purpose 
  • Various Treatment Alternatives And Their Timings 
  • After Care Advice 


CHAPTER 1: Nail Extension Techniques: An Introduction 
  • Temporary Extensions  
  • Permanent’ Extensions 
  • The Three Main Systems In Use 
CHAPTER 2: Anatomy And Physiology In Relation To Nail Treatments
  • Anatomy Of The Skin 
  • The Nail Unit 
  • The Function Of The Nail 
  • The Structure Of The Nail 
  • The Process Of Nail Growth
CHAPTER 3: Preparing The Work Area 
  • Using Nail Products Safely 
  • Absorption, Ingestion And Inhalation 
CHAPTER 4: Preparing You & Your Client 
  • Treatable conditions and untreatable conditions 
  • The professional technician and communication 
  • Client consultation 
  • Advance booking 
  • Preparing the nail plate 
  • Client preparation
CHAPTER 5: Essential Chemistry Of Artificial Nails 
  • The chemistry of the acrylic system
  • Acrylics, polymerisation and monomers 
  • Temperature and polymerisation 
  • Primers 
  • Artificial nail removal
CHAPTER 6: Applying Tips To The Nails 
  • Choosing the correct tip 
  • Full contact area vs reduced contact area 
  • Cutting techniques 
  • Applying the tip 
  • Blending the tip 
  • Problem nail shapes & how to correct them 
  • Alternative tips
CHAPTER 7: Applying Overlays 
  • Liquid and powder 
  • The structure of the overlay 
  • The application procedure 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Temporary extensions for salon use 
  • Removing temporary extensions 
  • Practice makes perfect 
  • Aftercare advice
CHAPTER 8: Maintaining Artificial Nails 
  • Maintenance treatments 
  • Procedure for infills 
  • Powder and liquid infill 
  • Procedure for a rebalance 
  • Powder and liquid rebalance 
  • Self-assessment skills 
  • Nail diseases and disorders 
  • The removal of artificial nails

More Information

ENTRY Requirements

No formal educational qualifications are necessary to participate.

The course is ideal for both personal development and professional development. This can include any student, housewife and anyone who like to choose a Nail Technician career. Many people do the course who have no professional background in Nail Technician but want to do a course for their employer or to open a shop.

registration process

Once payment is received we will register you to begin the course immediately. We will send you the course login details by email and you can log in straight into the course dashboard where all the course materials are contained.

The cost of £99 is the total cost of the training, this includes the Diploma which is emailed to you on successful completion of the course. Your tutor is available by email to answer any questions relating to the course and assignments.


Our Institute is affiliated with the International approved Organisation called IICT & BIA.

IICT is a professional industry body that provides membership, insurance, resources, and a global community for complementary therapists working in 1,100+ modalities. On the other hand, BIA provides Potential students to know that your qualifications have been verified and your training courses and materials are of a set standard.


  1.  Purchase the Acrylic Nails Extension course.
  2. You should receive an email confirmation of your enrolment onto your Acrylic Nails course from us (this should be within 48hrs of booking, excluding weekends).
  3. Complete all your Acrylic Nails Extension coursework: this includes reading material, video content, and assessments.
  4. Send your work to us and you will receive notification of your result and an accredited certificate when you pass your course.

Yes, this Acrylic Nails Extension course is accredited by BIA and approved by IICT.

After completion of the Acrylic Nails course, you will get your Dual accredited Diploma certificates.

This Acrylic Nails Extension course does not require you to have any prior qualifications or experience. You can just enrol and start learning to pursue your dream career as a nail technician.

Students must be at least 16 years+ of age to take part in all Acrylic Nails. No previous experience is required for the Introduction to Acrylic Nails Extension course but students must ensure they have access to suitable tools for practical assessments.

This course has been designed by industry professionals with a lots of experience, its possible to work through this course in around 2 weeks although we don’t have any set time frame on the competition of your course. You are welcome to study at your own pace.

For the Acrylic Nails Extension online course, you can use both training hands or live models.

Assessments will be accepted on either.

It is never too late and our Acrylic Nails course is designed for everyone thats passionate about learning something new.

NO, however you will need tools and equipment to work with. You are welcome to shop around and find the tools and equipment that feel good to you, there are so many fantastic nail brands out there to choose from.

Once you have completed your Acrylic Nails Extensions course you will receive a dual accredited certificate once you have passed. You will need to contact your insurance provider to provide them with a copy of your accredited certificate for them to update your insurance. If you dont current have an insurance provider we can recommend some great companies.

Yes, you can buy different courses at the same time. If you are buying the course for more than one person, for your team perhaps, then you can buy two or more of each course at the same time as well please just email us with any staff details to be sure we send the courses to the correct people.

You have access to the course for life.

Yes, you can watch the demonstration video more than once.

Offer Price: £99