(LVL) Lash Lift Course

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About This Course

Our new (LVL) Lash Lift Course is different to traditional eyelash perming. The all-new Lash Lift system uses silicon shields that are more gentle on the eyes with a more natural, voluminous curl. The Lash Lift system has become one of the latest beauty trends which are so fast and simple to do. In the Lash Lift course, you will learn how to curl clients eyelashes using silicon shields, making their eyes appear larger and their eyelashes appearing much more lifted & curled.

Additional benefits for the client are that there is no need for eyelash curlers and a reduced need for mascara. The Lash Lift treatment takes 30 to 45 minutes and lasts for up to six weeks which means increased revenue for you due to the regularity of this treatment.

(LVL) Lash Lift Course + Training Kit (Optional)

Subjects included within this course,

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy Of The Eye
  • Health & Safety
  • Client Care
  • Contra-Indications
  • Lash Lift Procedure
  • Contra Actions
  • Aftercare

Certificate / Accreditation:

  • Your BIA & IICT accredited diploma certificate will be emailed to you on the successful completion of your course!
  • This has been pre-approved for insurance purposes by multiple insurance companies!
  • IICT is established in 26 countries worldwide!

Learning Objectives

After completion you get BIA and IICT accredited Diploma certificate.
This is an online course, so you can access it from anywhere.
Easy to learn with step by step process.
You can access our training portal 24x7
This course is pre-approved by multiple insurance companies.
After completion, you can start your own business.

Target Audience

  • Beauty Salon




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LVL Lash Lift Course


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Duration 28 hours

Material Includes

  • Online Training Guide
  • Digital Assessment Copy
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