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You are a creative person

You are patient with people

You enjoy talking to new people

You have a excellent eye for detail

You are open to learning new ideas and techniques

The course is designed for those who have no experience but are passionate to learn the skills of professional Sew in Weave Hair Extensions Expert

Have no previous training or experience

Have limited time to study

Have difficulties to attend in person classes

Can’t pay upfront to fund your new career

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Our current academy graduates earn anywhere between £300 – £1000 per week on average.

Sew in weave is one of the most popular methods in the industry. The extensions are applied by sewing wefts to braids in the hair. Sew-in weaves can last up to 3 months in the hair with correct aftercare and maintenance, the hair can then be re-applied.

When you study our Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions Diploma course you will benefit from an intensive online training course, combining both theory and practical sessions performed on live models (provided by yourself).

On completion of the Online training course, you will be fully certified in this treatment and will have the confidence to provide the treatment on a professional basis.


By the end of this course you will have learned

On successful completion of your course, you will receive your Internationally Recognised IICT Accredited Diploma Certificate.

Our IICT certification provides you with affiliation with our internationally recognised professional body in 26 countries worldwide.

Our certification has been pre-approved by multiple insurance companies, you can purchase your annual insurance directly via our website for as low as £70!

This fitting technique requires weft hair. The wefts commonly used are machine wefts

This type of weft is made so the binding at the top of the weft is minimal and less bulky and noticeable after it has been attached. 

The wefts are attached with micro rings and sewing weave thread . Silicone line rings are most commonly used.

The sew in braidless weaves are one of the quickest and secure weaves available without the damaging effects of tight braids

The fitting time averaging 2 to 2.5 hours to fit a full head. 

The maintenance and refits are easy to administer with no heat or glue required

The hair can be used multiple times for a cost effective fitting option. New rings and thread on each refit.

The type of client to recommend a sewn in weave to would be a client that requires low maintenance and would suit most hair types from medium to thick texture.

Though not the best choice for clients with fine hair as the volume of a double weft can be visible in finer hair types, other techniques are more suited.

How to perform this techniques to satisfy the client and provide them with aftercare advice.

Top Features:

  • Easy To  Follow Online Step By Step Video Tutorials
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access To Online Learning Portal
  • Downloadable PDF Training Manual For Reference
  • Online Theory Assessment
  • 5 x Practical Assessments Submitted Online
  • Internationally Recognised Accredited Certificate
  • Online Tutor Assistance Available Via Email

What subjects are covered in this course?






Skill Level

28 Hours






PDF Hair Profiling / Consent Form

Use this form to determine your client's hair type and get their consent to perform the haircut.
  • You will get Printable Client Consent Form with this Pack
  • An Explanation from where you Determine your clients hair types

GBP £39

Canva Templates

  • Premium Pre Designed Price List Template
  • Premium Pre Designed Business Card
  • Premium Pre Designed Facebook Story
  • Premium Pre Designed Instagram Post

GBP £99

Covid 19 Salon Safety Course

  • Including Rapunzel Hair Academy Certified Certificate
  • Covid 19 Client Waiver Form with Details Step by Step
  • Printable C19 Safety Signs you can use in the workplace.

GBP £199

More Information

ENTRY Requirements

There is no need previous qualification to participate.

The course is ideal for both personal development and professional development. This can include any student, housewife, nail student, and anyone who like to choose a Sew in Weave Hair Extensions Expert Career. Many people do the course who have no professional background in Nail Technician but want to do a course for their employer or to open a shop.

registration process

Once payment is received we will register you to begin the course immediately. We will send you the course login details by email and you can log in straight into the course dashboard where all the course materials are contained.

The cost of £99 is the total cost of the training, this includes the Diploma which is emailed to you on successful completion of the course. Your tutor is available by email to answer any questions relating to the course and assignments.


Our Institute is affiliated with the International approved Organisation called IICT & BIA.

IICT is a professional industry body that provides membership, insurance, resources, and a global community for complementary therapists working in 1,100+ modalities. On the other hand, BIA provides Potential students to know that your qualifications have been verified and your training courses and materials are of a set standard.


YES, this Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course is accredited by BIA and approved by IICT.
YES, After completion of the Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course, you will get a Dual accredited Diploma certificate.

This Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course does not require you to have any prior qualifications or experience. You can enrol and start learning as a new student.

Students must be at least 16 years+ of age to study our courses. No previous experience is required for the Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course but students must ensure they have a suitable work surface to secure a training head too or have a free-standing tripod.

Although this Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course has been designed as fast-track course, there is no limited time frame on completing this Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course. Its possible to complete the online course in as little as two weeks if your a fast learner and have the time available, however some students prefer to work in small sections over a longer period of time. Whatever pace you decide is right for you, we are here to support you.

For this Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course, you can use both dolls heads and live human models whichever you prefer.

It is never too late and our Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course are designed for everyone of all ages 16+

NO, you will need some tools of the trade to get you going such as Filler, Nail Polish, Glitter, etc. All the tools you need will be listed on your online course but you are welcome to shop around and purchase the tools that feel right for you.

Once you have completed your Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course you will receive an accredited certificate if you have passed. You will need to contact your insurance provider to provide them with a copy of your accredited certificate for them to update your insurance. If you don’t currently have an insurance policy we are able to recommend some great companies for you.

By delivering our training in the form of online theory and step by step video tutorials we are able to offer you an amazing deal on this Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course.

YES, if you are experiencing any difficulties you can email us anytime and one of our experienced tutors will be able to help you usually within 24 hours. Please note we do not offer 121 training courses but we are available to assist via email should you need us at anytime during or even after your Online Sew in Weave Hair Extensions course.

Offer Price: £99