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Have you ever wanted to work as a trainer?

Do you enjoy teaching people the skills and qualifications you have gained during your own career?

Whether pursuing a promotion or considering an entirely new career path, this Train the Trainer Diploma has your future written all over it! Tap into your hidden potential and build a rewarding career for life, with the web’s most committed distance learning hair & beauty course specialists!

Roughly defined, training is the process of teaching a person or a group of people to do something new or do something better. For the professional trainer, however, there’s far more to effective and efficient training than this. Professional trainers play an important role in the nurturing, development and enhancement of skills and abilities at all levels.

Both for the benefit of the candidates they train and the businesses they work for, trainers inspire others to explore and fulfil their untapped potential. An effective trainer has the capacity and the confidence to help candidates achieve even the most ambitious objectives. Nevertheless, it takes a special kind of professional to engage, inform and ultimately inspire candidates to reach for the stars. For those who make it, the field of professional training can be fulfilling and financially rewarding in equal measures.

Our most advanced specialist training program to date, this Train the Trainer Diploma could take your career to new heights. Open to newcomers and existing trainers alike, all course materials and certification are included.

Learn how to identify and respond to the unique needs of individual candidates, engage even the most difficult audiences and become a confident communicator. Study the art of effective performance management, the importance of honed conflict resolution skills and a detailed breakdown of the effective workshop planning process.

Enjoy the freedom to study at a pace that suits your lifestyle, with no deadlines or time restrictions imposed.

Train yourself to become the talented trainer you know you can be, with this exclusive Train the Trainer Diploma!

There is an assumption that you are familiar with the subjects that you are delivering tutoring, you must be qualified and experienced before you can deliver training in your chosen subjects.

Continued study and updating our knowledge are necessary if we are to be in a position to explain the concepts and the practical application of the concepts in the specialised area. Knowledge and mastery of teaching techniques will enable you to be an effective instructor.

Subjects covered in this course:

  1. Principles Of Learning
  2. Lesson Planning & Preparation
  3. Instructional Methods
  4. Teaching & Learning Resources
  5. Assessing Learner Performance
  6. Evaluating Teaching & Learning
  7. Course Development


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Material Includes

  • Accredited Tutor Documentation
  • Assignment Questions
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