Build your skills for Advance Waxing


Build your skills for Advance Waxing

A hairy body somehow repels suitors. So, they go in for waxing frequently. Waxing helps them get rid of unwanted facial and body hair. Beauticians are in high demand in the 21st century. So, they often attend online advanced waxing course workshops to upskill themselves. They need to have a degree in essential waxing before they go in for the advanced course. 

Advanced waxing is more refined than basic waxing. The former ensures removal of more beautiful hair, which essential waxing leaves behind. 

A course in advanced waxing develops the confidence of the beauticians. Waxing is one of the essential skills of a beautician. A client get waxing done every 4-6 months. So, the beautician needs to get herself trained in advanced waxing from a reputed institute.

The best institute for developing skills in advanced waxing:

Rapunzel Academy for superior hair and nails is the best institute from beauticians trained in advanced waxing. It is a certified online course. The candidates are IITC certified after completing the course. It makes it easier for confirmed candidates to find a job in the competitive market. It also sends a free training kit, along with the required materials.

What topics does Rapunzel cover in advanced waxing?

The advanced waxing course at Rapunzel includes the following topics:

  • Cold wax
  • Hot wax
  • Facial waxing
  • Warm strip waxing
  • Eyebrow waxing
  • Bikini waxing 
  • Leg waxing
  • Ingrown hair
  • Health as well as safety
  • Physiology and anatomy
  • Pre waxing treatment
  • Post waxing treatment

 Rapunzel provides the online advanced waxing course in a way that suits even complete beginners. The demonstration videos are provided in the training portal. Candidates have access to them after they make the payments. This organization empowers its trainees to work in reputed salons of different countries. The training is necessary so that the beauticians avoid any mishaps or accidents. 

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