Course On Eye Enhancement 

Eye Enhancement 

Eyes are one of the perfect features of the human body which enhance our attraction quotient manifolds just by certain simple attention to detail. Something simple as an eyebrow shape can transform our face so drastically. This is a gentle procedure of using warm wax to rid any down on the eyebrow, and then tweezers are used to put a finer detail. We fail to realise that our lashes and eyebrows fade in the sunlight and with the essence of time. Hence something even as minute as eyelash tint or even eyebrow tint gives depth and redefines the shape and colour. Since the eye area is one of the delicate part of our body this Eye Enhancement should be done by a professional.
These treatments can also involve the darkening of eyelashes and eyebrows and are often used to reduce the dependence on mascara. The eyes and surrounding skin are protected by Vasaline coated cotton wool, and a tint applied to the lashes and allowed to develop for 10 minutes. The cotton wool is then removed and clean cotton wool used to soak up any excess tint.

Eye Lash Tinting  

Tinting is one of the fastest and most popular and cost-effective ways to enhance the eyes. It’s a very effective treatment that will last up to 6 weeks on lashes and four weeks on eyebrows.
Darkening the lashes takes around 30 minutes and makes the lashes appear longer and bolder. It’s an ideal treatment for fair-haired clients. It’s also a treatment favoured by swimmers and other sportspeople and those who wear contact lenses. NB. Contact lenses need to be removed for all treatments affecting the eyelashes.
Eye Lash Tinting  
Eyebrow tinting is becoming increasingly popular. Well-shaped eyebrows give definition to the face and form a frame for the eyes, which helps to accentuate them further. Even slightly darkening the eyebrows can improve the look of the actual brow shape and dramatically enhance the overall look of the eye area.

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