Courses on Micro Sew-In Weave Hair Extension 


Courses on Micro Sew-In Weave Hair Extension 

Micro Sew – In Weave Hair Extension

Micro sew in weave extension is the instant solution to the need for instantaneous volume and length. This method of extension in the form of a micro weave is much faster than having to apply on individual stands like that of a pre-bonded or strand micro ring. This is cardinal because of the fact that fewer number of rings needed to be applied to the hair. It reduces the time required to fit.
The weave of the hair is placed horizontally in strips against the head. Small sections of hair from the weft and the client’s hair, placed a three-fourth inch apart, are pulled gently through micro rings that are fastened down, securing that the weave is in place. This is repeated until reaching almost the top of the head. Just like how fast you apply for the hair extension, the removal process can also be done quickly.

Advantages of Micro Weave Hair Extension:

  1. They lie much flatter to the head, and because there’s no braid, there’ll be less tension on your natural hair which can cause hair loss and damage.
  2. The weaves can easily be reused and repositioned.
  3. Without braids, the extensions are much more comfortable to sleep in.
    Braidless weaves can be fitted fairly fast, usually in 1-2 hours. 

Advantages of Micro Weave Hair Extension  

Maintenance of the weaves 

The weave needs to be moved further up your hair every 6 to 8 weeks as your natural hair grows out. The micro rings will need to be moved or replaced. If you follow the proper aftercare advice we give you, the extensions should last around 4-5 months. The extensions are washable. There’s a small problem though. If you wash your hair every day, it is advised that you reduce this and only wash your hair with the recommended products.

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