How to Prepare For Poly Gel Nail Extension?


How to Prepare For Poly Gel Nail Extension?

Polygel nails provide attractive and long-lasting nails. The poly gel combines the best of hard gel and acrylic. However, it is more durable than hard gel and more flexible than acrylic. The poly gel formula uses a technology known as TriPolymer. 

This technology permits the beauty industry to create perfect nail enhancement for beauty conscious women. The benefit of Polygel is that it doesn’t move after application until it is pressurized. The putty-like consistency of poly gel makes the nail extensions moldable. It needs 30 seconds to dry under an LED lamp after use. 

Certified course for Poly gel nail extension:

Rapunzel hair and nail academy offer a certified course for poly gel nail extension. It charges nominal course fees for this training. The poly gel is one of the fastest nail systems available in the 21st century. Poly gel nail extensions are used with nail molds. So, customers do not need to apply nail tips to create excellent nail extensions anymore. 

What qualifications are needed to attend this l nail extension training course? 

No prior experience or qualifications are needed to attend a poly gel nail extension training course. Freshers are welcome to participate in it.

How do candidates attend an online course for poly gel nail extension? 

The candidates will be able to access the portal immediately after they pay. The training manuals, videos of demonstrations, and details of the assessment will be mentioned in the portal. The assessments will also be uploaded there directly.  They also get comprehensive training manuals delivered to their home within 2-3 days free of cost. 

They will have to click photos of their practice sessions and send it across. The trainees will also have to appear for a short theoretical assessment. If the estimate is up to the mark, they will get the certificates. If the appraisal is below standard, they will receive guidance from qualified trainers. Then, they will have to resubmit the assessment. No additional charges will be levied for it.

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