Learn Everything about Crown Volumizer Systems


Learn Everything about Crown Volumizer Systems

People in the 21st century take great care of their tresses. However, factors the weather and the pollution result in hair loss. Nowadays, hair loss seems to be focused on the crown area only. This partial baldness makes us look very awkward. The crown volumizer is perfect for clients who have thin hair in the parting area and the crown. However, they need to have luscious hair growth in all other areas of the head.

What is the crown volumizing system?

The Crown volumizing is made of one unit which may be discreetly fitted to the natural hair. It allows a seamless parting finish. It is attached in such a secure way that it remains fixed 24*7. The user may continue with the daily routine. The user may opt only for a crown volumizing system or one with a hair extension

How long do crown volumizing systems last? 

A crown volumizing system generally lasts for 3-4 months. However, excessive hair care treatment like exposure to too much steam or heat reduces the crown volumizing system‘s longevity. Other than that, the user may continue with the usual hair care routine. 


The crown volumizing has a flexible option. It has a clip-in, clip out the method which the user may remove while taking a shower or sleeping. 


A person who helps customers out with the crown volumizing system does not need any specialized training. However, formal training in the crown volumizing system is indeed helpful. 

Rapunzel hair and nail academy offer dedicated training to work with the crown volumizing. The training is provided online at a nominal cost. Students need to send photos of their practical work. They are exposed to demonstration videos and a certificate at the end of the course. The document is valuable. The candidates who have this certificate are sure to get jobs across the countries. 

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