Which one is the best Hair Extension Application Method?


Which one is the best Hair Extension Application Method?

People belonging to the 21st century are concerned about their tresses. The grandmothers were aware of several herbal remedies to maintain long, healthy hair. However, the modern generation has no time to implement such resources. Moreover, factors like pollution and changing weather impede the growth of hair. 

So, people go in for hair extension. It is also commonly known as hair integration. They add length and volume to the thinning tresses. Hair extension may be regarded as an art. 

How many types of hair extensions method are available? 

Two types of hair extension are as follows:

  • Natural hair extension 
  • Synthetic hair extension

 Natural hair extension is the best option available. However, it is expensive. Those who are on a shoestring budget opt for the synthetic hair extension. However, synthetic hair extension is not suitable for heat. Moreover, it gets tangled easily.


What are the different types of hair extensions method?

The different types of hair extensions available in the market are as follows:

Tape in hair extensions: It is beneficial for clients who have brittle hair, mainly around temples. They may require either single-sided or double-sided tape. These extensions come in wefts that may be between 1.5 inches and 8 inches long. The natural hair is sandwiched between the wefts. It is the best type of hair extension.

It takes less than 90 minutes to apply and does little damage to hair. Also, it gives a natural look to the hair and they may be reused for six weeks.

 Micro Ring hair extension:  Tiny bundles of hair are looped through tiny natural hair sections. Then, the extension is secured with a metal band. The metal band is clamped around the hair with the help of pliers. So, it doesn’t need glue or hair to be attached. It is easily adjustable and straightforward to wash.


Conclusion: Beauticians need to be trained to do hair extension. They don’t need any prior experience to be prepared. However, a certified training course helps them secure a job. Rapunzel hair and neck academy provide the best kind of online training to beauticians about hair extension. It also provides a recognized certificate to the trainees after they complete the course successfully. 


The certification helps them get a job. The online course ensures the trainees undergo practical as well as theoretical training. The trainees need to click photos of their practice sessions and mail them to their tutor.

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