Learn the Easiest Way to Do Nano Ring Hair Extension


Learn the Easiest Way to Do Nano Ring Hair Extension

People are extremely conscious of their appearance in the 21st century. Hair forms an important part of appearance. So, hair extensions are quite common. Nano ring hair extensions are suitable for those who have thin hair. Veteran hair experts claim that different types of hair extensions are available in the market. Nano ring hair extension is especially for people who have thin hair. 

What is the process of doing nano ring hair extensions?

It is a tricky process to fix nano ring hair extensions in hair. Individual strands of hair are placed into tiny sections. Then, the sections are secured with tiny rings made of metal. 

Different ways of applying nano hair ring:

Those who apply the nano hair ring professionally may get innovative ideas through YouTube.  The tiny wire is present at the end of each hair end application. It is light and allows the hair freedom of movement. 

The most convenient way of applying a nano hair ring application is to work from the bottom layer of hair to the top layer. The bottom layer of hair is sectioned off with the stick end of the comb. The remaining hair is clipped out of the hair.

The tail of the comb is used to section off a tiny section of hair. Then the hair is hooked with the bead applying tool. The first bead is pulled up over the hooked hair. This way, the hair is threaded through the bead. Them the professional takes a nanotip extension. He or she inserts the wire in the bead and moves it close to the root. Ultimately, the bead is crimped with the help of pliers. It should hold the extension securely in place.

Microbeads, Brazilian knots, and skin wefts are different processes of doing nano hair ring applications. It is better to get a nano hair ring extension applied by a professional, to avoid accidents. 

Rapunzel hair academy offers a variety of courses in nano ring hair extensions at a reasonable cost. Experts in the industry provide training. 

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