Micro Weft Hair Extensions: Easy ways to get Longer Hair!

Micro weft hair extensions

Micro Weft Hair Extensions: Easy ways to get Longer Hair!

Hair fall is a common problem nowadays. Hair loss could make you embarrassed in front of people. Hair extension is a solution to this problem. One of the most popular extensions among many hair extension processes is Micro Weft Hair Extensions.

What is Micro Weft Hair Extensions?

Micro Weft Hair Extensions is a safe procedure that requires no heat and glue. This extension process involves using a weft of hair which is a long seam. Like a clip-in hair extension, this extension is attached at the top of the hair.

The weft of hair is up to 22 inches. Many varieties and colours are available in this hair extensions. We will get many hairstyles such as straight, body wave, curly and different hair textures like Remy, European in weft hair extension. 

Micro weft hair extensions

This hair extensions can give instant hair volume and length. This is perfect for bridal or any special hair extensions. Micro Weft Hair Extensions is very budget-friendly and perfect for those who are trying hair extensions for the first time. 

How does it work?

Micro Weft Hair Extensions is fast than strand by strand hair extension methods such as a micro ring or pre-bonded method. It requires fewer micro rings that gradually reduce fitting time too.

Experts place the weft of the hair in strips against your head. They take a small amount of original hair and hair from the weft and pull through micro rings suppressed down to secure the weft in place. The gap between one weft to another is 3/4 inch. This process continues till it reaches the top of the head.

micro weft hair extensions

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Things you keep your mind before Micro Weft Hair Extensions:

This extensions is perfect for those ladies who are trying hair extensions for the very first time. Apart from this, there are so many reasons you should try Micro Weft Hair Extensions. But before getting this treatment, you should remember these things-

1) Choose an experienced professional: Select a trained professional. They can give you a complete guide on which hair extension will be good for you. Experts will tell you how to take care of your hair extension.

2) Get colour hair: The exciting thing about weft hair extensions is getting different hair colours. You can flaunt your colour hair at any function or festival.

3) Touch up your extensions every month: It is essential to care for your hair correctly. Your growing hair can loosen the weft over time. Try to go to your clinic to set up your extension. They will move the weft up and closer to your scalp.

4) Give volume to your hair: You will get to see a variety of Micro Weft Hair Extensions whose thicknesses are different. They have not come fit for everyone. Your expert can give you the best guide that will match your hair texture.

Micro Weft hair extensions

5) Cause no harm to your natural hair: You might be worried that your natural hair will damage after hair extension. Relax! Micro Weft Hair Extensions is safe as it does not require any heat or glue. You can get your desired hair look without damage and dryness.

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