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Premium Waxing Kit


Perfect and complete all in one waxing starter kit for beauticians, students and home users.

Includes every product needed to provide an efficient waxing treatment. High-quality Professional waxing products from renowned brand- Waxee.

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Perfect and complete all-in-one waxing starter kit for beauticians, students, and home users.

Includes every product needed to provide an efficient waxing treatment. High-quality Professional waxing products from the renowned brand- Waxee.


  • -Waxed wax heater with inner container special for 450ml pots and with an inner container for hard wax (with UK plug)
  • -450ml pot of Luxury soft wax “Lavender” with Lavender oil, TiO2, natural Beeswax, and Mica
  • -500gr  of hot film wax- Natural (It doesn`t need the use of strips for the removal. Low temperature (bikini, face, body)
  • -100ml Aloe Vera pre-wax lotion
  • -100ml oil-free after wax lotion Azulene
  • -100ml wax equipment cleaner
  • -1 x pack of 50 wooden spatulas

-pack of 100 high quality, professional waxing strips

This kit is provided in an aesthetic, clear PVC bag with WAXEE PRO Logo. It is perfect for the storage of waxing products and for mobile beauticians.
Natural Film Wax with Coconut oil and Beeswax
-no strips
-low temperature

Transparent wax with a special delicate formula for sensitive zones. The wax follows the body curves, easily captures the short and coarse hair on
the uneven surfaces. While applying, the wax  temperature is very low, which makes it ideal for  sensitive skin in delicate areas and also the  big surfaces

Depilation procedure for film hot wax “Waxee”

1. Preheat wax for working temperature of 45  degrees;
2. Treat depilation area with alcohol-containing  lotion to degrease the skin and remove residues  of cosmetic products;
3. Apply a small amount of talc;
4. Apply with a spatula a thin layer of wax  regardless of hair growth direction but towards  you, leaving a small “lobe” which will be later  used as grip (aim to perform armpit depilation  in one application); ATTENTION! Do not rush  during the application, press spatula thoroughly  with necessary force;
5. Wax will harden in 5-6 seconds. During this  period wax will catch all hairs completely (when  touching, ready for removal wax should not stick  to the hand);
6. Preliminarily stretching the skin in a direction opposite from the tear-off, remove wax  with fast movement away from yourself and  parallel to the skin;
7. Repeat the procedure at the next section;
8. Upon completion of depilation treat skin with soothing, cooling after wax lotion.

Basic errors by using film waxes:
• Wax stretches like caramel and it’s difficult to remove it.
Reason: not enough time to harden the wax.
What to do: Put some talc powder on the wax,  wait 2-3 seconds and remove.

• After removing the wax some hairs remain.
Reason: The wax was applied superficially, not pressing a spatula to the skin, so the hair didn’t get in the wax layer.
What to do: apply the wax on the skin with the remaining hair, fix in wax stronger, denser pressing a spatula to the area of hair removal.

• The wax does not harden.
Reason: too thick layer of wax as in the classic hot wax depilation is applied.
What to do: carefully “smudge” application deposited on a large surface. In the future apply a thin layer of wax.

• The edge wax application remains on the skin after removal.
Reason: The uneven application of wax.
What to do: Create an application of the even  layer in the middle and on the edges

Hints regarding hair removal…
1.The day before the hair removal treatment.
-Performing a granular scrub treatment.

-Do not perform cosmetic treatments such as acid treatments,
cleaning, etc. in the places where the hair removal treatment is to be made.

2. Just before the hair removal treatment:
– insert a wax pot into the heater and plug it into a power socket (about 45 minutes),
-cleaning and degreasing the skin with pre-epilation  lotion, which also has anesthetic properties,  or degreasing the skin with soap and water;
-drying the skin thoroughly;
-talc or powder can be applied.

-applying creams or lotions.

3. The hair  removal treatment: 
-checking with a spatula (preferably on your  forearm) if the wax has the right temperature;
– the heated wax should have a consistency of  liquid honey and shouldn’t be too hot,
-If the wax is thick and poorly distributed it should be heated for about 10 more minutes.
-Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth,  put and press a strip against the wax, hold the  area below the strip with one hand and slightly  stretch the skin in the direction the wax has  been applied,
-Rapidly tear the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth with the other hand.
-To relieve the pain, after the strip has been  removed press your hand to
the place where the hair has been removed.
-The remaining wax should be removed with post-epilation oil.
-To relieve the irritation after the hair  removal treatment, we recommend
post-epilation lotion.
-If post-epilation cream is additionally  applied, it will prevent hair ingrowth,
delay hair regrowth, the hair will be weaker,  and subsequent treatments
will be less painful.

-Checking with the skin if the wax has the right  temperature;
-Applying the wax in the opposite direction of  hair growth;
-Tearing the strip in the direction of hair  growth;
-Using alcohol-based cosmetics.

4. The day  after the hair removal treatment: 
-Moisturising the skin;
-Using post-epilation cream for a few more days.

-Do not perform cosmetic treatments such as acid treatments, cleaning, etc. in the places where the hair removal treatment has been made.


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