Rapunzel’s Hair Extension Courses: The Best Courses You Can Ever Find.


Rapunzel’s Hair Extension Courses: The Best Courses You Can Ever Find.

There are many people who have a passion for things associated with the hairstyling and beauty and make-up industry. Not everyone gets a chance to find a career in their desired industry. So, you must grab the chance when you get to enter the industry. Similarly, if you are passionate enough to join the hair and beauty industry as a hairdresser, there are certain skills that you must know, which will help you to establish yourself in the industry. If you are really focused on entering that industry, you must know that just knowing how to style hair differently won’t help you get away with it. You must also know how to use hair extensions. That’s why Rapunzel Hair Academy has come up with several hair extension courses for you to try out. Rapunzel’s hair extension courses can help you upgrade your portfolio.

Before you visit the website of Rapunzel Hair Academy, you must have some knowledge about what hair extension really is. Hair extensions are the artificial human hairs that are used to volumize someone’s hair. They are made out of real human hair, which is received from a donor. This hair is almost tangle-free, smooth, and silky. They look like someone’s original hair. Other than natural hair, there is also synthetic hair, which is made out of various synthetic, blended fibers. These fibers which are used for making this synthetic hair are very fine, plastic fibers but they can still give out the natural hair vibes. 

There are millions of people who are using hair extensions to look beautiful and attractive. People all over the world use these real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. All these hair extensions are available in multiple colors and styles. But the application of these hair extensions can be really different from one another. That’s when you need the knowledge of using these hair extensions. Then, you can get Rapunzel’s hair extension courses to develop your skills or polish your already-known skills. 


Hair Extensions Pro Package

This hair extension course is to make you a pro hair extension technician. You will become an expert in all the 12 most popular hair extension courses offered by Rapunzel’s hair. It will help you maximize your career and get international recognition. 


Nano Ring Hair Extension Course

This course is designed by the experts of the industry for beginners and entry-level students. This no-sewing method is a quick and easy to fit hair extension method. You will have the experts to guide you throughout the learning process


Micro Loop Hair Extension Training

This micro loop hair extension comes with a plastic loop “micro loop” for a super easy application. The experts of Rapunzel’s hair extension course will teach you how to clamp the tiny rings with the help of pliers. You can try out this course and make your portfolio stronger. 


Shrink Tube Hair Extensions Course

The shrink tube hair extension course is one of the best Rapunzel’s hair extension courses. It is used with I-tip pre-bonded hair extensions and applied using a heat connector. The experts from the Rapunzel Hair Academy will help with how you can shrink the tip of the hair extension. Plus, they will let you know how you can take care of and maintain the hair extension for a longer time. 


Micro Wefting Hair Extension Courses

The micro wefting hair extension course will be an ideal course for you if you are just starting your career as a hairdresser. This course will surely help you develop a new skill or polish your skill and increase your career opportunity. This hair extension system is a new technique applying wefts of hair, without glue or braids. It is a neat and very firm technique used to attach the hair extensions.


Micro Sew-In Weave Hair Extension Course

This micro sew-in weave hair extension is an affordable hair extension course that is designed by some industry-renowned experts for beginners like you. This hair extension is the most popular hair extension used by people as it looks very natural. In this hair extension course, you will learn how to use the micro rings to create a base to attach the hair, which also means that there will be no glue or braids used. The experts will help you with details. 


Micro Ring Hair Extension Courses

The micro ring hair extension course is one of the most affordable Rapunzel’s hair extension courses. It is a cold application method that doesn’t involve the usage of glue. Rather small metal rings are used which are clamped to pre-bonded hair and the natural hair itself using pliers, to have a firm attachment. The experts of the hair academy will let you know every detail about these hair extensions, even about the maintenance and aftercare.  


Weave Sew-In Hair Extension Training

The sew-in weave hair extension is the hair extensions that are attached to the natural hair by sewing onto the tracks. This hair extension course is another affordable course offered by Rapunzel Hair Academy. You will be provided with training from a hair extension expert. The expert will let you know how to apply sew-in the wefts onto the hair, how-to guide your clients’ to maintain the extensions, and how to remove the extensions. 


Feather Hair Extensions and Sparkle Strands

If you have ever used hair extensions, then you must know about these feather hair extensions and sparkle strands. These hair extensions are super popular as they are super easy to apply. Rapunzel’s hair extension experts will help you with the easiest method to apply these hair extensions. Even the sparkle strands can be used on hair for some extra party shimmer. This hair extension course will be ideal for you if you just want to learn for yourself. 


Ultrasonic Cold Fusion – Hair Extensions

The ultrasonic cold fusion hair extension is a great method for attaching hair extensions to the original hair. It involves the usage of ultrasonic waves to soften the keratin of the tip of the nail tip bond from the inside out. This type of application is best for fine or thin hair. Once you get the training from Rapunzel’s hair extension course, you will be able to learn every aspect of these hair extensions. The course will help you upgrade your skill level and become the hairstylist you want.


Skin Wefts (Tape) – Hair Extensions

The skin weft extensions are wide and long hair sections that are attached to the upper portion of the original hair and secure it there with glue or tape. This type of hair extension matches with the original hair easily and makes it different to differentiate the extension from the original hair. The experts from Rapunzel Hair Academy will help you learn this extremely popular seamless extension easily while not harming the clients’ hair. 


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